“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” Parental Discretion List

Our first goal at Blaine Community Theater is to entertain, but we are storytellers and stories often involve controversial characters and actions. While there is no bloodshed, language, or nudity in our show, there are still moments that some may find offensive, and the last thing we want to do is make our audience feel unwelcome. In the hopes to aid our patrons trying to decide whether Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will be appropriate for their family, we’ve compiled this list of potentially upsetting moments in the performance.  Note that this list may contain spoilers for the show.

Sudden screams
Threatened beatings
Human autopsy (corpse not visible)
Clinical description of sexual organs during autopsy
Corpse thievery
Implied violence against women (grabbing, cutting, acidic disfiguring, suffocating)
Mentions of prostitutes
Death by beating
Dried bloody objects (cloths, papers)
Mentions of dismemberment
Death by strangulation
Death by stabbing

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