2022-2023 Season

OCTOBER 21-30, 2022 – Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS
Adapted by Stephen Briggs
Directed by Nick McDonald

Deep in the Ramtop Mountains, near the hub of the Discworld, lies the tiny rural kingdom of Lancre, a nation whose borders stretch farther vertically than they do laterally. The dastardly Duke Felmet has usurped the throne at his wife’s behest but finds the backwoods country folk less responsive to tried-and-true blueblood skullduggery and heraldry than salt-of-the-earth drudgery and superstition. 

Terry Pratchett takes Shakespeare’s Macbeth and then turns it up ’till the knob comes off. It’s all there – a wicked duke and duchess, the ghost of the murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril. And who stands between the Kingdom and destruction? Three witches: Granny Weatherwax (intolerant, self-opinionated, powerful), Nanny Ogg (down-to-earth, vulgar) and Magrat Garlick (naïve, fond of occult jewelry and bunnies). 

Auditions coming September 4 & 6 

Written by Zack Peercy
Directed by Kevin Six

A West Coast premiere! An aspiring elf detective named Jangle gets his big break when Santa is found murdered just days before Christmas. In order to solve this case, Jangle will have to confront eternal beings, secret friendships, seedy cocoa bars, and the loss of his brother Jingle. Can he find Santa’s hat in time to save Christmas? Is he strong enough to process his grief in a healthy way? Did he RSVP to Miss Figgy’s Boxing Day Party? Answers, intrigue, and more can be found in this ridiculous, all-ages show!

Auditions coming October 23 & 24 

**Due to logistical challenges, THE MAN WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS has had to side-tabled this season. We will stive to make sure that this production finds its way into the 2023-24 season and has the support to do the production justice.

MARCH 17-26, 2023 – THE GOOD DELI
Written by Kevin Cirone
Directed by Jennie Olson Six

Julia, a Boston comedian, is summoned frantically back home by her stepmom expecting to find her estranged father on his deathbed. Instead, she finds him seemingly the same wise-ass curmudgeon he always was, if a tad obsessed with the Italian deli the family visited when Julia was a child. When her father’s health takes a turn, Julia and her brother Max attempt to find the place and give their father the sandwich of his dreams. Leaning on an unexpected kinship with an ex-priest and fighting her sense of flight, Julia takes a road trip with the family, hoping to reconnect with her father while trying to realize the memory of a mysterious deli that may not even exist. 

Auditions coming January 29 & 30

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