Addresses and phone numbers for specific events will appear with the event in the “Now Playing” section of the site, or in this space. As we are currently neither leading up to nor producing an event, this information is blank for the time being.

Blaine Community Theater is currently as nomadic organization, meaning we have no facilities or space of our own. Anytime we need space for an event we arrange it with a local organization or business. As such, we have no permanent mailing address. If you have inquiries about mailing us, please email us at or see the QUESTIONS section below.


If you’d like to keep informed on BCT announcements as they happen, the best way is to sign up for our mailing list. Just enter your email below and you’ll receive information on BCT shows, auditions, and classes as we announce them!

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Blaine Community Theater relies not just on ticket sales but also the sponsorship of partner businesses and organizations. To learn how to become a sponsor and the benefits sponsorship brings, please visit our Help Sponsor BCT page.


If you have questions or comments about a specific topic, feel free to email us at or use the handy form below! We are also looking forward to any other question, comment, or suggestion you might have, so fire away!

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