Update on “The Good Deli” Production

6300…the best laid plans of mice and men…

As of this time,we are sorry to say that the timeline for our production of “The Good Deli” is null and void. The original opening date at the end of June is not compliant with Governor Inslee’s phased re-opening plan, forcing the show’s production schedule to be delayed. Also, our normal venue, as a publicly owned facility, will not be available at all this Summer.

We here at Blaine Community Theater are eager to get back to trodding the boards, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, the world is crazy right now, and it’s hard to get all the moving parts lined up in a way that allow us that luxury.

“The Good Deli”‘s production status will have to be moved into limbo at this time–auditions cancelled and opening put on hiatus. We hope we can find a way to put it up before the end of Summer, but at this time we are pretty taxed for ideas on making it come together. And we’re dedicated to making a tradition of doing Halloween and Christmas productions for the end of the year, so worst case scenario “The Good Deli” will get pushed out to 2021.

We are also looking into possibly putting together online content for the time being to help keep us from going crazy. We were set to make 2020 the start of a pretty big roll-out of new Blaine Community Theater projects, so Covid-19 has stymied an awful lot of content we were hoping to produce, and we’re hard at work not to lose that momentum. If you have any ideas or wish to contribute in some other way, please feel free to email us at blainecommunitytheater@gmail.com

Thanks, and we hope to get to share the magic of the stage with you soon.

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