Auditions: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Blaine Community Theater is announcing auditions forĀ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, and directed by Nick McDonald. Due to scheduling restraints, we will have to be holding private auditions scheduled on an individual basis (if the option for an open audition format suddenly becomes available, we will notify the public via ourContinue reading “Auditions: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show!

When we decided to do Pyramus & Thisbe Water Balloon Show for Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration, our goal was to entertain the crowd, do a little bit of fundraising, and let the community know that rumors of our death were exaggerated (not ‘largely exaggerated’–just barely exaggerated if we’re honest, but exaggerated all the same).Continue reading “Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show!”

Blaine 4th of July Celebration 2018

Our 4th of July re-launch was a success! We raised a little money for the theater, let people know we exist (“I didn’t even know BlaineĀ had a community theater,” was the most common sentence I heard all day), and entertained a ton of people. (Sorry to the nearby booths that we stole audience from orContinue reading “Blaine 4th of July Celebration 2018”

…AAAAAANND We’re Back!

After spending nearly six years floating through Limbo, Blaine Community Theater is back. We went through a little bit of a down-cycle there: anybody willing to keep the wheels rolling didn’t have the time and anyone with the time didn’t have the energy. But if you know anything about community theater people, you know thatContinue reading “…AAAAAANND We’re Back!”