…AAAAAANND We’re Back!

welcomehomeAfter spending nearly six years floating through Limbo, Blaine Community Theater is back. We went through a little bit of a down-cycle there: anybody willing to keep the wheels rolling didn’t have the time and anyone with the time didn’t have the energy. But if you know anything about community theater people, you know that we’re all packrats. Each of our homes are full of weird costumes, unusual knick-knacks, and chunks of set pieces because, “Hey, one day I might need it for a show!” Luckily that mentality overflowed into keeping Blaine Community Theater and its non-profit status in tact despite a half-decade of inactivity.

We’re busy at work now, planning out an upcoming season for 2018-2019. We’re also looking to extend into student education by planning a summer theater experience to kick-off the summer of 2019. Finally, but most presently, we’re putting together a booth and parade entry for Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration next month to let everyone know that we’re back and ready to perform (and cause) scenes!

On the less eclectic side of news is our budget. Since we were out of the game for so long we decided to do some good with what funds we were sitting on and donated them to another arts organization. So even though this is technically a return for Blaine Community Theater, it is also a re-birth, as financially we’ll be starting from scratch again. With that in mind, we’re working on several fundraising ideas, and we encourage you to come visit our booth during Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration to chat with us and engage in a handful of fun and mutually beneficial fundraisers.

Depressing money-talk aside, we’re excited to be back,¬†and we’re excited to have the chance to serve and work with the community again! See you soon!