It appears we had some technical issues with our email box that was bouncing back incoming emails. While the issues aren’t 100% sorted, the emails are no longer bouncing back, so if you had trouble sending email to blainecommunitytheater@gmail.com, please try sending it again, and everything should go properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Auditions: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Blaine Community Theater is announcing auditions for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, and directed by Nick McDonald. Due to scheduling restraints, we will have to be holding private auditions scheduled on an individual basis (if the option for an open audition format suddenly becomes available, we will notify the public via our Facebook page and blainecommunitytheater.com)

The show has roles for at least 4 men and 2 women, potentially late teen to late-60’s, and auditions will involve cold readings from the script, and will be scheduled between September 5th to 9th with rehearsals to begin the following week and performances to run in late October. To schedule an audition or ask any other questions, please email blainecommunitytheater@gmail.com .

Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show!

Pirates-of-PenzanceWhen we decided to do Pyramus & Thisbe Water Balloon Show for Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration, our goal was to entertain the crowd, do a little bit of fundraising, and let the community know that rumors of our death were exaggerated (not ‘largely exaggerated’–just barely exaggerated if we’re honest, but exaggerated all the same). The last thing we expected was that we would be asked to do another one just a month away!
But that’s just what happened. Our friends at the Blaine-Birch Bay Parks & Rec department asked us if we could do a water balloon show for Kids’ Pirate Daze, one of the events that collectively make up the Drayton Harbor Days Festival, and we said, “why not?” Show decision was left to us, and it seemed only natural that the best cheesy pirate themed show to pick would be Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance!
Mikael R. Kenoyer, who also abridged and directed the Pyramus & Thisbe Water Balloon Show, has edited down Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance into a bite-sized performance, and recruited a Murderer’s Row of local theater talent to take the stage (and the shots) including favorites such as Deborah Blakesley, David Bolden, Kennedy Rainer, Paul Henderson, Sue Dodson, and many others.
We’ll also have theater volunteers on hand to offer water balloons for sale so the audience can attempt to drown out (pun intended) our caterwauling:
Water Balloons — 25-cents or 5-for-1 dollar
Bucket of Balloons (bring us our buckets back, please!)– 5 dollars
Blaine Community Theater tote bag of Balloons — 8 dollars (and you keep the bag!)
Blaine Community Theater tote bag — 5 dollars
The Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show will take place during Pirate Daze in Blaine’s Marine Park. Pirate Daze runs from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM, and we’ll be fitting in performances of Penzance throughout the day. Bring the family and join the fun!

Blaine 4th of July Celebration 2018

Our 4th of July re-launch was a success! We raised a little money for the theater, let people know we exist (“I didn’t even know Blaine had a community theater,” was the most common sentence I heard all day), and entertained a ton of people. (Sorry to the nearby booths that we stole audience from or accidentally soaked–we learned our lessons and will adjust accordingly to be more neighbor friendly next year.)

Some things to watch out for in the near future: The day before the 4th, we finally got confirmation on the dates for our first show, an as-yet-unnamed Halloween show to run October 19-21 & 26-28 in Blaine High School’s new black box theater. Secondly, a representative from Blaine Parks & Rec loved the water balloon show concept and asked us to join the Blaine Maritime Festival coming up August 5 & 6. So stay tuned for those events and others!

…AAAAAANND We’re Back!

welcomehomeAfter spending nearly six years floating through Limbo, Blaine Community Theater is back. We went through a little bit of a down-cycle there: anybody willing to keep the wheels rolling didn’t have the time and anyone with the time didn’t have the energy. But if you know anything about community theater people, you know that we’re all packrats. Each of our homes are full of weird costumes, unusual knick-knacks, and chunks of set pieces because, “Hey, one day I might need it for a show!” Luckily that mentality overflowed into keeping Blaine Community Theater and its non-profit status in tact despite a half-decade of inactivity.

We’re busy at work now, planning out an upcoming season for 2018-2019. We’re also looking to extend into student education by planning a summer theater experience to kick-off the summer of 2019. Finally, but most presently, we’re putting together a booth and parade entry for Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration next month to let everyone know that we’re back and ready to perform (and cause) scenes!

On the less eclectic side of news is our budget. Since we were out of the game for so long we decided to do some good with what funds we were sitting on and donated them to another arts organization. So even though this is technically a return for Blaine Community Theater, it is also a re-birth, as financially we’ll be starting from scratch again. With that in mind, we’re working on several fundraising ideas, and we encourage you to come visit our booth during Blaine’s 4th of July Celebration to chat with us and engage in a handful of fun and mutually beneficial fundraisers.

Depressing money-talk aside, we’re excited to be back, and we’re excited to have the chance to serve and work with the community again! See you soon!