Announcing the BCT Christmas Chautauqua!

imag0229.jpgDon’t come watch the show–BE the show!

Our name has three simple parts. First, “Blaine”. That’s easy, that’s the city out of which we’re operating. Also in there is “Theater”, which kinda goes hand-in-hand with a show, so again, pretty self-evident. But the last part, “Community”, that’s the part that takes a little extra effort, so that’s what we want to foster with our holiday show. Sure, it’s fun and self-serving to our egos to keep putting on shows and saying “Hey, look at us!”, but we want to see what the rest of the community can do!

Do you like to sing? Do you like to dance? Play music? Act? Do you like to write skits, songs, or poetry? Wanted to do any of the above but not sure where to start? Then you should be part of the Christmas Chautauqua!

We want you, the community, to bring your talent and ambitions and help us put together a holiday variety show  the likes of which Whatcom County has never seen! Music, singing, dancing, acting, poetry, and all manner of performance arts co-mingling together for a holiday extravaganza!

So, how does this get started? First, download this form–that’s the Christmas Chautauqua Submission Form. Tell us what the idea for your performance is. Send it off to us, and we’ll review it and schedule a time to talk with you about it. If we think we can use it in the show, we’ll help you flesh it out and get the people and objects needed to realize the vision, and get it ready for the Chautauqua.  Then, in December, you’ll join with us and the other acts in putting on a holiday extravaganza!

Submission deadline is October 26, 2018, so get your submissions in soon!

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