Lots of Volunteer Opportunities This Summer!

With the closure of “The Good Deli”, it’s time to celebrate, because Blaine Community Theater has ended their first ever complete season of full productions! But even though we’re done with large productions until the fall, that doesn’t mean we’ll be sitting on our hands until then! As spring gets underway and we start looking on towards summer, we have lots of performer and volunteering opportunities coming up for all ages and skill groups, making this the best time to get involved with Blaine Community Theater yet!


We’re currently planning another Radio Reader’s Theatre for late May, and we’re looking for performers, directors, and on- and off-stage volunteers. Radio Theatre performances are done with script in hand—memorization is at a minimum—and are a great and low-risk introduction to being on stage for those who wanted to give it a try for the first time!

If interested in the May Radio Reader’s Theater as a performer, director, or volunteer, send us an email and let us know your name, your (rough) age, your interest, and tell us a little about yourself and if you have any experience!


BCT is putting together a float for this year’s parade during Blaine’s Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration, and we can use your help!

Right now, we’re still in the planning stage and putting together a committee for float design and construction. Come help us create an awesome float and ride it in the parade!

To join our float committee or inquire about details please contact us by emailing blainecommunitytheater@gmail.com or call/text (360) 224-2606.


The summer tradition of the BCT Water Balloon Show is alive and well! We are now seeking actors for the 4th of July Water Balloon Show. For the uninitiated, the Water Balloon Show is a short, open-air performance done for the crowd during Blaine’s Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration, with the one twist that we make water balloons available to the crowd to toss at the actors during the performance. This year the show will be a new melodrama written by local playwrights!

The water balloon shows are a lot of fun, a huge draw for the audience, and because they always devolve into chaos, acting proficiency is not a prerequisite. If you’re interested in performing in the water balloon show, email us with you name and tell us a bit about yourself!


Another great water balloon tradition, the Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show is also looking for actors and volunteers. The Pirates of Penzance Water Balloon Show is an abbreviated 30 minute version of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan lite opera performed in conjunction with Blaine-Birch Bay Parks & Rec’s Pirate Daze on August 5th in Blaine’s Marine Park.

Like the 4th of July Water Balloon show, the audience can toss water balloons at the actors during the show, and since it is inherently chaotic acting and singing ability are not required. The cast is larger and has smaller parts, so there’s even more opportunity for first-time performers to join us and cut their teeth onstage.

Again, interested volunteers should fire us an email and tell us a bit about themselves.

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