BCT Play Reading Group Returning!

We are getting ready to bring back an old favorite of Blaine Community Theater: The Play Reading Group! The BCT Play Reading Group is part theatre appreciation and part social outing, as group members meet once a month to communally read a play script. These plays may be under consideration for a future BCT production, an undiscovered gem in need of more attention, or maybe just a fun classic!

As we work out the logistics to bring the Play Reading Group back, you can help! We need to know what the availability of interested members might be so we can plan our future schedule. IF interested in the Play Reading Group, please fill out this form, including your name and what your preferred dates for the group would be so we can formulate a solid schedule for the future.

For more information, you can head over to our Play Reading Group page, or reach out to us by using our Contact page or emailing us at blainecommunitytheater@gmail.com.

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