The October Annual is Upon Us!

Past, present, and potential future members of the theater, and the public in general are all invited to join us for the October Annual Meeting, Thursday, October 27th, 2022, 6:00 PM at the Blaine Library! The October Annual is start and end of our operational year at Blaine Community Theater. We invite the public toContinue reading “The October Annual is Upon Us!”

Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Tickets Now on Sale!

If you like Shakespeare, fairy tales, and witches, you’ll like Wyrd Sisters.If you don’t like those things, you will LOVE Wyrd Sisters. Celebrate the Halloween season with the Witches of Lancre! Tickets are on sale through our webstore for all performances of Blaine Community Theater’s presentation of Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS! This season, Blaine CommunityContinue reading “Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Tickets Now on Sale!”

Auditions for Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Sept. 4th & 6th

Auditions for our Halloween production, Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS, are just around the corner! Based on the beloved Terry Pratchett novel, WYRD SISTERS is the story of a coven of witches in the small, mountain-side country of Lancre. The King has been killed (totally an accident) and the kingdom taken over by his cousin DukeContinue reading “Auditions for Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Sept. 4th & 6th”

2022-2023 Season Announced!

Blaine Community Theater is proud to announce, for the first time ever, a full season of productions! Check out the shows below, and if you have any questions feel free to contact BTC at or call 360-301-8013! OCTOBER 21-30, 2022 – Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERSAdapted by Stephen BriggsDirected by Nick McDonald Deep in theContinue reading “2022-2023 Season Announced!”

BCT Youth Spotlight Presents “Everlasting Chocolate Therapy”

Blaine Community Theater is pleased to announce the Youth Spotlight has picked their show for 2022, Everlasting Chocolate Therapy, written by Steven Hayet! Fifteen years after touring the famous chocolate factory, the former gum-chewer Bo returns to confront the man who made her blue only to discover that Chuck, a fellow golden ticket finder, isContinue reading “BCT Youth Spotlight Presents “Everlasting Chocolate Therapy””