Announcing the BCT Christmas Chautauqua!

Don’t come watch the show–BE the show! Our name has three simple parts. First, “Blaine”. That’s easy, that’s the city out of which we’re operating. Also in there is “Theater”, which kinda goes hand-in-hand with a show, so again, pretty self-evident. But the last part, “Community”, that’s the part that takes a little extra effort,Continue reading “Announcing the BCT Christmas Chautauqua!”

The October Annual is Coming!

But what is the October Annual? By the bylaws of Blaine Community Theater, every October we are to hold an annual meeting to the public. This meeting has two purposes: first of all, we get to invite all of you lovely people to give your input and thoughts on the direction of the theater, field suggestionsContinue reading “The October Annual is Coming!”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Castlist!

The cast has been announced for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde! Rossner Randolph Laura Pen Robert Cervantes Alex Gehringer Skyler Jones Deborah Manley Derrick White Tori Snyder Thanks to everyone who auditioned! We were genuinely surprised by the number of people who auditioned for the show, and there were a lot of tough decisions toContinue reading “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Castlist!”