How to Find Camp Hoizon’s Dance Hall

Would a crudely put together graphic help? Auditions for “The Norman Conquests” are this weekend, April 21st and April 22nd, from 6 to 9 PM in the Dance Hall building at Camp Horizon. Sure you can find Camp Horizon on Google Maps, but where is the Dance Hall? Well, luckily there’s a poorly put togetherContinue reading “How to Find Camp Hoizon’s Dance Hall”

Auditions for “The Norman Conquests” are Scheduled!

AUDITIONS FOR ALAN AYCKBOURN’S “THE NORMAN CONQUESTS” We are glad to announce that Blaine Community Theater will be having auditions for Alan Ayckbourn’s trio of plays Table Manners, Living Together, and Round and Round the Garden, known collectively as “The Norman Conquests”. The plays focus on three siblings and their significant others, grudgingly thrown togetherContinue reading “Auditions for “The Norman Conquests” are Scheduled!”

Auditions Announcements Soon for Ayckborn’s “The Norman Conquests”

2019 marks an important year for Blaine Community Theater: our twentieth anniversary! We wanted to do something special to honor the occasion, so we looked back to our beginnings, and the first show ever produced under the Blaine Community Theater banner was Alan Ayckbourn’s “Round and Round the Garden”. The first impulse was, obviously, “Well,Continue reading “Auditions Announcements Soon for Ayckborn’s “The Norman Conquests””

Announcing the BCT Christmas Chautauqua!

Don’t come watch the show–BE the show! Our name has three simple parts. First, “Blaine”. That’s easy, that’s the city out of which we’re operating. Also in there is “Theater”, which kinda goes hand-in-hand with a show, so again, pretty self-evident. But the last part, “Community”, that’s the part that takes a little extra effort,Continue reading “Announcing the BCT Christmas Chautauqua!”