The October Annual is Upon Us!

Past, present, and potential future members of the theater, and the public in general are all invited to join us for the October Annual Meeting, Thursday, October 27th, 2022, 6:00 PM at the Blaine Library!

The October Annual is start and end of our operational year at Blaine Community Theater. We invite the public to come in and learn what we have been up to in the past year, what’s on deck for the coming year, and how they can get involved. This is also the best time for the public to share their thoughts and tell the Theater and the Board of Directors what they would like to see offered by and through Blaine Community Theater.

Being the end of the operational year, this is also when Theater Members (that means YOU!) select a new Board of Directors for the coming year, which means the Annual is the most influential moment for the theater all year.

Come check it out and help us determine the direction of Blaine Community Theater for the coming year!

Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Tickets Now on Sale!

If you like Shakespeare, fairy tales, and witches, you’ll like Wyrd Sisters.
If you don’t like those things, you will LOVE Wyrd Sisters.

Celebrate the Halloween season with the Witches of Lancre! Tickets are on sale through our webstore for all performances of Blaine Community Theater’s presentation of Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS!

This season, Blaine Community Theater has decided to do Inflation-Proof Pricing and maintain our ticket prices at the same cost they were pre-pandemic: that’s $12 for Seniors, Veterans, and Students, and $15 for everyone else! On top of that, we’re offering special Early Bird pricing: tickets purchased online by September 30th are 25% off!

Buy tickets online here!

Auditions for Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS Sept. 4th & 6th

Auditions for our Halloween production, Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS, are just around the corner!

Based on the beloved Terry Pratchett novel, WYRD SISTERS is the story of a coven of witches in the small, mountain-side country of Lancre. The King has been killed (totally an accident) and the kingdom taken over by his cousin Duke Felmet (who wasn’t there when it happened) at the behest of the duke’s conniving wife (who wasn’t there with him). Magrat Garlick, Nanny Ogg, and Granny Weatherwax (the maiden, the mother, and the…uh…other one) have the king’s true heir dropped into their laps, and for the sake of the kingdom must see that destiny returns the rightful seat to the throne. Not that Destiny can’t do it themselves, but they do tend to muck about at their own pace if not prodded along every now and then.

Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS has main roles for 5 women and 6 men, ages 18 and up, with several smaller roles potentially available. Rehearsals will begin September 12th and run through to the performances, October 21st through October 30th. Auditions will take place Sunday, September 4th and Tuesday, September 6th at 7 PM in the cafeteria at Blaine Middle School. Auditions will be cold readings of selections from the script.

Hope to see you there!

2022-2023 Season Announced!

Blaine Community Theater is proud to announce, for the first time ever, a full season of productions! Check out the shows below, and if you have any questions feel free to contact BTC at or call 360-301-8013!

OCTOBER 21-30, 2022 – Terry Pratchett’s WYRD SISTERS
Adapted by Stephen Briggs
Directed by Nick McDonald

Deep in the Ramtop Mountains, on the edge of the hub of the Discworld, lies the tiny rural kingdom of Lancre, a nation whose borders stretch farther vertically than they do laterally. The dastardly Duke Felmet has usurped the throne at his wife’s behest but finds the backwoods country folk less responsive to tried-and-true blueblood skullduggery and heraldry than salt-of-the-earth drudgery and superstition. 

Terry Pratchett takes Shakespeare’s Macbeth and then turns it up ’till the knob comes off. It’s all there – a wicked duke and duchess, the ghost of the murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril. And who stands between the Kingdom and destruction? Three witches: Granny Weatherwax (intolerant, self-opinionated, powerful), Nanny Ogg (down-to-earth, vulgar) and Magrat Garlick (naïve, fond of occult jewelry and bunnies). 

Auditions coming September 4 & 5 

Music, Lyrics, and Book by Ron Lytle
Directed by TBA
Musical Direction by Rebecca Wright

“The Man Who Saved Christmas” is loosely based on the true story of A.C. Gilbert, the inventor of The Erector Set.) Set in 1917, as America is embroiled in the first World War, Gilbert battles with the U.S. government as it attempts to ban toy sales during the holiday season.  

Added to the mix: A secretary who keeps her heart on ice and a visiting reporter determined to thaw it out, the nefarious Iago of the toy factory Mister Dixon, Gilbert’s loving wife Mary, and the Gilberts’ precocious niece Ellen, who untangles the myriad complications in which the young lovers–and the Toy Tycoon–find themselves.  

Boasting 16 new songs that instantly feel like old friends, this is the holiday show that has left reviewers scrambling for superlatives.  “The Man Who Saved Christmas” is the new show that regional and community theatres have been wishing for! 

Auditions coming October 23 & 24 

MARCH 17-26, 2023 – THE GOOD DELI
Written by Kevin Cirone
Directed by Jennie Olson Six

Julia, a Boston comedian, is summoned frantically back home by her stepmom expecting to find her estranged father on his deathbed. Instead, she finds him seemingly the same wise-ass curmudgeon he always was, if a tad obsessed with the Italian deli the family visited when Julia was a child. When her father’s health takes a turn, Julia and her brother Max attempt to find the place and give their father the sandwich of his dreams. Leaning on an unexpected kinship with an ex-priest and fighting her sense of flight, Julia takes a road trip with the family, hoping to reconnect with her father while trying to realize the memory of a mysterious deli that may not even exist. 

Auditions coming January 29 & 30

BCT Youth Spotlight Presents “Everlasting Chocolate Therapy”

Blaine Community Theater is pleased to announce the Youth Spotlight has picked their show for 2022, Everlasting Chocolate Therapy, written by Steven Hayet!

Fifteen years after touring the famous chocolate factory, the former gum-chewer Bo returns to confront the man who made her blue only to discover that Chuck, a fellow golden ticket finder, is now in charge of operations. Since being hand-picked as an eleven-year-old, Chuck has struggled to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, and the frustrated orange workers of the factory want a change, reuniting Chuck and Bo with the three other contestants to determine who should be the next Chocolate Man.

Everlasting Chocolate Therapy explores the bittersweet reality of the five not-so-lucky golden ticket finders and their attempts to overcome the consequences of childhood decisions.

BCT Youth Spotlight will present Everlasting Chocolate Therapy on August 5 & 6 at 7 PM, and August 7 at 2 PM, in Blaine High School’s Orange & Black Box Theater, located at 1055 H Street. Tickets are $5 at the door or on our webstore.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the show or BCT Youth Program at or calling us at 360-301-8013.