“The Good Deli” Auditions Rescheduled!

We said things may change. They have. We have rescheduled the auditions for “The Good Deli” to May 16 & 17, and other posts on this site have been altered to include this new information. The rest of the show is, so far, still on the original schedule, but we will keep you posted asContinue reading ““The Good Deli” Auditions Rescheduled!”

Obligatory Covid-19 Statement

“May you live in interesting times.” ~ancient Chinese curse We here with Blaine Community Theater have been quiet about the whole Covid-19 crisis because, for once, us being nomadic and having an inconsistent schedule has been to our advantage. We don’t have any shows currently running or in rehearsals, and we don’t have facilities toContinue reading “Obligatory Covid-19 Statement”

Auditions for “The Good Deli”!

Auditions coming up for the Pacific Northwest premiere of a new play by Kevin Cirone. ***PLEASE NOTE: AUDITION DATES FOR “THE GOOD DELI” HAVE CHANGED TO MAY 16 & 17*** We’re pleased to announce our next production, “The Good Deli”, written by Kevin Cirone and directed by Jennie Olson Six. Julia, a Boston comedian, isContinue reading “Auditions for “The Good Deli”!”

BCT is Holding Improv Classes!

ACTING ISN’T JUST FOR STAGE AND SCREEN Blaine Community Theater is extremely lucky to be able to offer improv classes by the very talented and exceptionally experienced Jennie and Kevin Olsen Six. Ever wanted to give acting a try but were too afraid of competitive auditions? Used to act in your youth and looking forContinue reading “BCT is Holding Improv Classes!”