Auditions for “The Good Deli”!

deliAuditions coming up for the Pacific Northwest premiere of a new play by Kevin Cirone.


We’re pleased to announce our next production, “The Good Deli”, written by Kevin Cirone and directed by Jennie Olson Six. Julia, a Boston comedian, is summoned frantically back home by her stepmom expecting to find her estranged father on his deathbed. Instead she finds him seemingly the same wise-ass curmudgeon he always was, if a tad obsessed with the Italian deli the family visited when Julia was a child. When her father’s health takes a turn, Julia and her brother Max attempt to find the place and give their father the sandwich of his dreams. Leaning on an unexpected kinship with an ex-priest and fighting her sense of flight, Julia takes a road trip with the family, hoping to reconnect with her father while trying to realize the memory of a mysterious deli that may not even exist.

The show has roles for 3 men (age 30-60) and 3 women (age 20-60). Rehearsals will start in late May and the production will run in mid- to late-June. Some language and content (this show will rate about a PG-13). Auditions are May 16 from 11 AM to 3 PM and May 17 from 2 PM to 4 PM (the original location was to be the Blaine Middle School Cafeteria–we will try to reschedule this location but if we cannot we will notify signed-up auditioners well ahead of time if we have to change the venue). Refer to this sheet for complete audition information. Schedule you audition slot with this calendar. For any additional questions, feel free to email

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